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Group tours
  Hunan is a mountainous inland province in southern China, with an area of 210,000 square kilometers. The province is populated by over 65 million people...

Customized tours
  These made China became a desirable touristy destination. As a leading mineral trading and service company in China, AAA Mineral AG launched some mineral trips to the major mineral localities...

New book-coming in April 2006 "Fine Minerals of China"
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374 Pages /600 colored photos & 55 maps
60 localities within 13 provinces
45 location descriptions
With data of 399 meteorites,116 type minerals and 420 potential deposits
Published by AAA Minerals AG In Switzerland
by Guanghua Liu
China not only has spectacular geography and long history, but also has a abundant mineral deposits. During the last two decades increasing world-class specimens of Chinese collectible minerals have been emerging on the international mineral markets as a result of blooming mining industry and dynamic mining activities...
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