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¡°1st International Mineral & Gem Crystal Conference & Exhibition, China¡± ended successfully in Beijing
         ¡°1st International Mineral & Gem Crystal Conference & Exhibition, China¡± was held on9th~10th Oct 2006, at Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, Beijing. The conference was organized by AAA Minerals International Co. Ltd. and was helped with many organizations and individuals which included View Stone Association China, the Land & Resources Ministry, PRC, mineral specialist, mineral collectors, and mineral companies. Acknowledge to all these great support, 1st International Mineral Conference was ended successfully.
       The conference¡¯s themes include past and present stone-collecting practices in China; history and trends of mineral collecting and marketing in western countries; Chinese & international mineral localities and their potential for specimens; collecting mineral and gem crystals as an effective investments; development strategies for marketing mineral & gemstone in China; mineralogical education and research. Concerning these themes, more than 30 speakers launched their wonderful speeches, for example, Dr. George Guanghua Liu (AAA Minerals AG): Top minerals of China and their locations; Mr. Bob Jones (Rocks and Gems Magazine): A 52 -year history of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show; Bill Larson (Pala International, USA): California tourmaline, its glorious history and recent productions, with the China connections; Jeff Scovil (Mineralogical Society of Arizona): Art of mineral and gem photography; Si Guanghai(China university of geosciences, Beijing): Research of the view stone in Burma; Dr. Mark Mauthner (Houston Museum of Natural Science): Mineral Exhibits: The Science and Art of Mineral Stories; Prof. Zan Shuqin(The geologic museum of China): Collect Widely and to Select Essentially; Miss Tatjana Li (Libea GmbH, Germany): Idar-Oberstein as a world gemstone centre of tradition and excellence over 500 years history of gemstone industry from mining to processing and trading; Mr. Will Larson (Pala International, USA): What collecting minerals means for the youth of China and America in the 21st century; Jiang Jianjun (Secretary-general of China Stone Collector Association): Geo-heritage and Geo-park; Edward Boehm (Joeb Enterprise, USA): Opportunities of gemstone investment; etc.
       Around 200 participants in total took part in the conference and a lot of feedbacks were received with highly reputable remark to the excellent speeches and fancy exhibitions. One of the most important channels, CCTV 1, has reported this news on Oct. 9th¡¯s evening.Besides, the 7 o¡¯clock News and other 22 TV channels and news papers either reported or will report this conference---all these made the conference wide-known in China and will promote the conference 2007 greatly! Welcome to join us again in 2007¡¯s conference!
       This is our first effort to organize such a conference& exhibition, then some issues and arrangements are critical. We would like to express our apology and regret for any inconvenience or problems might cause you by our carelessness and/or inexperienced performances. Your advices and suggestions for the next year¡¯s conference and exhibitions are greatly appreciated and helpful.
       Looking forwards to seeing you in coming Tucson Show 2007 and hope to cooperate with you again!
AAA Minerals International Co.
25th, Oct 2006 of some speakers, honoured guest and conference staff attached.

Fig.1 Opening Remarks made by Mr.Min Wang(Vice Minister of Ministry of Land & Resources)

Fig.2 Conference presided by Mr.Dr. Jiang Jianjun (Secretary-general of China Stone Collector Association)

Fig.3 Mr. Bob Jones (Rocks and Gems Magazine) gave his speech

Fig.4 Mr. Jeff Scovil(Mineralogical Society of Arizona) giving his speech

Fig.5 Dr. George Guanghua Liu (AAA Minerals AG) giving his speech

Fig.6 Prof. Yue Xuehui (China University of Geosciences) giving her speech

Fig.7 Closing Remarks gave by Ms.Madam Shou Jiahua(President of China Stone Collector
Association, Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Land & Resources)

Fig.8 Conference organizer ¡ª¡ª Dr. George Guanghua Liu (AAA Minerals AG) interviewing the journalis¡¯s

Fig.9 The world class tourmaline provided by AAA Minerals International Co.

Fig.10 The world class crystal and stibnite provided by AAA Minerals International Co.

Fig.11 Overseas guests enjoy visiting the minerals exhibited in our conference

Fig 12 Part conference staffs and leaders

Fig 13 Part conference staffs